You know what’s crazy? How y’all can shun ‘colorless’ black celebrities within minutes and never speak of them again unless it’s to drag them but when a celebrity says something blatantly transmisogynistic y’all not only go on as if nothing ever happened but continue to support them through thick and thin?? Where are their call-outs? When do they get dragged on twitter for days? Or does it not matter when the black person getting shitted on is trans? 

Ummmmm are you serious? 

I’ve seen numerous tweets and posts addressing transmisogyny. 

Amiyah King, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox have all been attacked and I see a plethora of people drag those who talk shit about them.

ESPECIALLY on Twitter. And what’s even more interesting is that a lot of the people who are calling people out are cisgendered women like myself.

I am fully aware of trans women being brushed aside, abused, murdered, sexually assaulted, etc. And I don’t expect anyone to congratulate me on shit I’m expected to do. I’m not saying that trans women don’t get treated like shit or are often not cared for. I’m saying that this is a very real and shitty reality that we have to deal with.

 Black women, whether cis or trans, have always been expandable in our community. Let’s not act brand new here. Black twitter and tumblr have shit on all of us. 

I know that my voice most likely doesn’t matter to you. I’m just tired of seeing posts like this. It dismisses those of us who are actually active and inclusive. 



"omg being a broke college student sucks bro lmaoo"
>goes home to parents 2 story house to eat nice dinner
>gets 200$ for Christmas per relative
r u really broke? r u really??

I hung out w one of my friends yesterday. and her parents were so nice and they were having banter. and talking normal. and they were like handing her a 20 saying go buy lunch. :(